Groundbreaking Research

Current National Chapwood Index Average: 9.9%*

The Chapwood Index is the very first analysis that provides Americans with an accurate way to identify their individual cost of living increase by geographic location. It also clearly explains why people rely on government entitlement programs to support their lifestyles.

Financial experts at Chapwood Investments, LLC have spent the past 3 years engaged in groundbreaking research that uncovers the real cost of living increase for every major metropolitan area in the United States. Numerous organizations have attempted to reveal inaccuracies in the government Consumer Price Index (CPI) methodology by calculating alternative inflation rates. No one, until now, has ever attempted to objectively determine the real cost of living increase without the influence of the flawed government model.

Ed Butowsky Chapwood Cost of Living Index

Ed Butowsky, Founder of the Chapwood Index

“I am tired of observing people commit financial suicide.

I firmly believe the government gravely underestimates the national rate of inflation—a number also plagued with bias and statistical manipulation. It is universally assumed that the government’s rate of inflation is accurate. It just simply isn’t.

This blind acceptance is one of the main reasons people are reliant on the government entitlement programs that are bankrupting our country. Over 50% (where is this statistic from?) of Americans are dependent on the government just to get by.  This is horrible.

Americans that depend on this statistic are falling behind [financially] more and more every year. Individual purchasing power is sinking in quicksand, and people are unable to maintain their current lifestyle. Salaries and portfolios must increase more than the numbers reported by the CPI—more than the numbers by the Chapwood Index. That is how you keep up.

It is about time someone does something about this tragedy and stands up for the people. That is why I put this together.”

*Annual Chapwood Index average for the top 50 major metropolitan areas from 2011-2012.

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